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[ART PLOSHADKA Video Salon] bd. Stefan cel Mare și Sfînt, de Vladimir Us, Chișinău 2011

January 21, 2012

bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, 2011
video: 15’10’’

bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint, 2011

In my work I am interested in the forces and in the processes that shape public space in the former socialist countries and in Moldova particularly. Stefan cel Mare si Sfint Boulevard, which stands today for the main boulevard in Chisinau, is a research project through which I would like to reveal the names that this particular street had in the past, thus unveiling the past and present mechanisms that stay behind the process of writing the history. The name of Stefan cel Mare si Sfînt was attributed to this street in 1990, when Republic of Moldova became an independent state after the fall of the Soviet Union. In the process of research I found out that this particular street has changed its name at least seven times, changes that were operated under different regimes in the past.

By installing on the façade of the Chisinau city hall the historical names next to the current name of the street I express my concern for the fact that new historical narratives are built upon the old ones, while the latter are being erased as if they represented a treat for the previous ones, thus bringing to an end a possible public discussion about various issues related to our past.

Vladimir Us




video: Ana Lucia Nobre

fotografii de: Ana Lucia Nobre, Vladimir Us

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  1. stefan permalink
    May 17, 2012 11:28 am

    Niciun imparat, rege sau presedinte roman nu va realiza vreodata ceea ce a realizat Stefan cel Mare si Sfant.

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