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Notes from Street photography workshop in Chisinau, R. Moldova led by Tomasz Kulbowski

August 18, 2015


Instinct is the most important in st.p.
Instinct improves with practice
Try to be in the right place
Sometimes I follow people
I was improvising
Let your photo marinate…
Get read of sentimental attachments
Searching for individuality/single person in the frame
”somograi”= self play scene- sitting in the decoration and waiting for the actors
Tourists have their own culture
Pregnant scene
“Observing” &”noticing” are not necessarily collaborating issues
To be confident to the streets
Don’t worry if nothing spectacular happened
Take sequences!
I don’t have a good memory, but I remember a few seconds before and after a photo
Like a big diary
The quality of your photo is your limit
The greatest motivation is a good focus & curiosity
To be open to whatever happens
You can take st.p. without cameras
Selecting moments, st p. for me is st.p by approach
I don’t put titles
There is a lot…

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