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[ART PLOSHADKA] Satellietgroep (NL) и Artploshadka (MD) приглашает на встречу Типография 5 с голландским режиссером документалистом Маартен де Крон.

November 3, 2013

maarten de kroonRU/

Satellietgroep (NL) и Artploshadka (MD) приглашает на встречу Типография 5 с голландским режиссером документалистом Маартен де Крон. В рамках этой встречи будут показаны его последние работы «Torrentius» и «’F.I.S.H.I.N.G’ » . Перед показом фильмов режиссер Маартен де Крон и куратор организации Satellietgroep Элиан Ботс скажут вступительное слово. После показа фильмов можно будет задать вопросы автору. Фильмы субтитрами на английском языке. В октябре месяце Maarten de Kroon, был приглашен в Молдову для производства фильма о Черном море в рамках проекта ‘Now Wakes The Sea’, инициированного голландской культурной организацией Satellietgroep и ее партнерами. Эта встреча станет заключительным этапом арт резиденции режиссера в Молдове и пилотная версия фильма о Черном море будет представлена 3-го ноября в Teatru Spalatori . 4-го ноября будут показаны два последних фильма автора “Torrentius” и «’F.I.S.H.I.N.G’ » Типографии 5. Описание фильмов и дополнительную информацию о международном проекте можно посмотреть ниже на английском языке.

FILM SCREENING DATE: Monday November 4 LOCATION: Tipografia, 45 V. Parcalab street, Chisinau PROGRAM: 19:00 Introduction by Maarten de Kroon & Eliane Bots 19:15 Film screening Satellietgroep (NL) and Artploshadka (MD) cordially invite you to the film screening of ‘Torrentius’ and ‘F.I.S.H.I.N.G’ in Tipografia. For the last month Dutch filmmaker Maarten de Kroon has been searching for the Black Sea in Moldova as an artist in residence of the ‘Now Wakes The Sea’ project, organized by the Dutch artist initiative Satellietgroep and partners. The goal of the residency is to make a new film about Moldova and its connection to the Black Sea. The work in progress will be presented on the 3th of November in Teatru Spalatori. As a follow up, on the 4th of November two recent films, ‘Torrentius’ and ‘F.I.S.H.I.N.G’, by Maarten de Kroon will be shown in ‘Tipografia’. Filmmaker Maarten de Kroon and curator Eliane Bots (curator Satellietgroep) will give a short introduction before the film-program. After the films there is a Q&A with Maarten de Kroon. – Torrentius, … min 2013 ‘Torrentius’ is a short film by Dutch artist Jan Andriesse and Maarten de Kroon on the almost unbelievable life and work of the mysterious 17th century painter Johannes Torrentius. – F.I.S.H.I.N.G, 90 min, 2012 F.I.S.H.I.N.G is a film by Pieter-Rim de Kroon and Maarten de Kroon, makers of the Golden Calf winning documentary ‘Dutch Light’. F.I.S.H.I.N.G is a long documentary about the question “why do people fish?” From this straightforward question the parallel world of anglers and fish is portrayed. Above the water, underneath it, along and on the water. It is a film about the fishing instinct inside mankind, the primitive man inside the angler and the human being behind the angler. Most Dutch fishermen don’t eat the fish they catch, they prefer catch-and-release. Carps are loved by the fishermen: never to eat, but to catch time and time again, the bigger, the better. But they will never eat them. So, angling or fishing in Holland is about something else. Maybe it is not even about catching fish, but be out there, in nature, far away from daily things that have to be done. The film shows the fishermen and the fish, all in that small strip of what the Dutch think is nature. ( THE FILMS ARE SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH This screening as part of the ‘Now wakes the sea’ project is organized by Satellietgroep and Artploshadka and supported by ECF. Satellietgroep (The Hague, The Netherlands) is an artist initiative which explores through arts and culture how the sea and waterways influence cities, people, communities and environment. Satellietgroep aims to enhance public and professional awareness on coastal transitions by enabling artists/scientists to do fieldwork and work on site with local communities and experts and share the results with broader audiences. Satellietgroep initiated the ‘Now Wakes The Sea’ project for exchange of research based artists in residencies in collaboration with international cultural partner organizations. Dutch coastal transitions and new works produced during residencies at Badgast (The Hague, NL) are connected to new works produced during exchange residencies of Badgast with other coasts. In 2012 by Maurice Bogaert (NL), Bahanur Nasya and Yilmaz Vurucu (TR) at Sinop (Turkey), in 2013 by Astrid Bussink (NL) and Ana Tsimintia (GE) at Batumi (Georgia), and Tatiana Fiodorova, Nicoleta Esinencu (MD) and Maarten de Kroon (NL) at Chisinau (MD). /


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