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April 26, 2012

Solo Show by Ghenadie POPESCU

26th of April – 26th of May 2012
openning: 26 April, 19.00 h

Curator Adina Zorzini

Ghenadie Popescu, one of the most established and internationally renowned Moldavian artists (lives and works in Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova), is presenting his first solo show in Bucharest, as his artworks were never before featured in a solo exhibition for the Romanian public.

Ghenadie Popescu’s artistic practice is always politically oriented and socially connoted and it includes different mediums of expression, like performance, painting, video installations and experimental objects, while his approach denotes a conceptual perspective of both life and art.

The Polenta Strike project consists of experimental everyday objects, cocooned in polenta, which Ghenadie Popescu uses to describe conceptual problems of national concern, raising political and social questions with regard to the everyday realities, formulating national and international dilemmas through a traditional and basic type of food, the ancient polenta. Thus, by framing the quotidian and trapping it within his works under the layers of polenta, Ghenadie Popescu is criticizing a series of mentality facts, while also operating as an involved observer of the concrete reality.

In the exhibition organized at Zorzini Gallery, Ghenadie Popescu traces the landmarks of the mental and political Moldavian space, mapping its everyday ambiguities and characteristics thus stating the fact that the Republic of Moldova represents a gap between two different geo-political and cultural realities, respectively Romania and Russia, a place whose identity got lost in transition during the communist regime and whose inhabitants are not yet prepared to face the outcomes of a capitalist doctrine which they don’t completely understand. (Adina Zorzini)

Zorzini Gallery – Contemporary Art
31 Thomas Masaryk St.
020984, Bucharest, Romania


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