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[ART PLOSHADKA Artist Portfolio] International weekend Tatiana Fiodorova

November 21, 2011

I go Amsterdam

I go Amsterdam

I go Brussels

I go Brussels

I go Brussels

I go Krakow

I go Krakow

I go Krakow

I go Paris

I go Paris

I go Bucharest

I go (Biennale for young artists 2010, Bucarest)

Project I go or I want to London or Are you afraid of me?

The project “I want to London or are You afraid of Me” I am trying to understand the country in which I live and identify myself as a citizen of Moldova. Sometimes I feel vulnerable and powerless in my country, and through my actions show my place in modern society.

Moldova is the most impoverished country in Europe and has become the main supplier of illegal labor with in Europe, as well as a source of illegal trafficking. Sometimes I feel like a slave. For me, these bags are a symbol of post-Soviet space, a symbol of transition, mobility, while on the other hand a symbolic wall between East and West, the barriers, the frontiers, the borders that refused my effort to get to London.

This unplanned and spontaneous performance was shown at the Festival International Festival of Culture and Science, FLOW 2010 in Chisinau and then the shares of the protest have been shown in public spaces in Bucharest and Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Krakow…

Recommended by Karina Karaeva

Fiodorova Tatiana

Born  and work in Chisinau, Moldova, she is involved with the arts in her diverse roles as a visual artist, teacher, curator, art manager. She is also a Ph.D. researcher in visual arts. Fiodorova’s work includes installations, live performances, public art, video and digital media. The content of her works tends to reflect the contemporary world in response to current issues: social, political and aesthetic. Very often she touches upon issues related to the local conflicts and problems of Moldova, such as the integration of Moldova into the European context and the problem of identity for the citizens of Moldova. Currently, her designs are associated with social interaction, aimed at creating spaces of intercultural dialogue.

The main exhibitions, projects:

Personal project:

2011  Multi-media installation “САД”, Galeria apARTe, Iasi, Romania

2011  project I WANT TO LONDON, Chisinau, Museum of Ethnography and  Natural History, Chisinau, Moldova

2010  Foto exhibition “Moldavian Land” Galerie bySky,  Chisinau, Moldova

Curator Projects:

2011  Foto exhibition” Moment of choice. Moldova. Social Portrait.”, Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, Chisinau, Moldova

2009  Curator Project ”ARTPLOSHADKA”,  creating an online community of the cultural sector in Moldova

2009  Curator Project “Atraction”. M’artian Fields – Collaboration, M’ARS Centre for contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2008  Curator Project “RED LINE”,  Qui Vive? I Moscow International Biennalefor Young Art, NCCA National Center for Contemporary Arts, Моscow

Group exhibitions/projects:

2011 PRO&CONTRA INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM, One of the special projects of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary art (Winner of Open Call project I want to London by Fiodorova Tatiana)

Kalmar konstmuseum, Sweden

2011  The Journey to the East at Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok

2011  The luxury of the essential, 13. Kunst- und Kulturfestival, Berlin, Germany

2011  ATLANTIS ’11 – [KSA:K] Center at the Venice Biennale, Italy

2011  “Transcultural Identities” & “Pierre Gonnord: Portraits”, two photography exhibitions,Georgia State University, Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Galleries, Atlanta, USA

2010  CHISINAU-Art, Research in the Public Sphere, Chisinau, Moldova

2010  13th triennial of tapestry in Lodz, Poland

2010  Qui Vive? I Moscow International Biennale for Young Art , Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Моscow, Russia

2010  Like to be near, videos of Tatiana Fiodorova and Eliane Esther Bots, WG KUNST, Amsterdam, Holland

2009  Sea of seas-World Sea Media Art Project, collaborative art project led by Orly Aviv, The Slade Research Center Woburn Square, University College London, England

2009  Salon Show (Temporary Art Space), The Piece Hall, Halifax, WestYorkshire, England

2009  URBAN STILLS-Video Art Festival Miden 2009,  Kalamata, Greece

2009  Prize Sotiri 2009 at the international exhibition for young photographers ‘A touch of violence, Korca,Tirana, Albania 2009      Curator Project “Atraction”. M’artian Fields – Collaboration, M’ARS Centre for contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2009  Moldova with Love, The ‘Synapses’ project, Neues Museum, Weimar, Germany

2008  Periferic 8 The Romanian Biennial for Contemporary Art; Iasi, Romania

2008  In transition Russia 2008, National Centres for Contemporary Arts,Ekaterinburg and Moscow

2008  RO-MD/ Moldova in Two Scenarios, [KSA:K] Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau

2008  Exhibition Found Footage, Galeria Posibila, Bucharest, Romania

2007  The fourth Tashkent International Art Exhibition Bienalle-2007,Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2007  “Moldavian art” Werkatelier SK, Den Helder, Holland

2007  “Sovremenniki“, Salon CHA-2006, Моscow, Russia

2006  Golden Bee, The Moscow Biennial of Graphic Design, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia


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