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[ARTPLOSHADKA] The luxury of the essential [13. Kunst- und Kulturfestival 17-19 june 2011, Berlin]

June 17, 2011

venue: Alte Kindl-Brauerei – zuhause e.V.

Fri 19:00 — 22:00
Sat 14:00 — 22:00
Sun 14:00 — 19:00

Artist’s group “a message body” – Manuela Macco, Tatiana Fiodorova and Elena Ilina show in her videoproject certain codes which our culture applies concerning women’s clothes and, besides, define the concept
“Luxury” around as one of the most precious human abilities in the concentration on the essentials, as a luxury of the critical reflexion about ourselves and our culture. Their works, each based on their performences, are reports of their being on the move to the essentials, but also illustrations of the social view points.

 a message body: Elena Ilina, Manuela Macco, Tatiana Fiodorova

The luxury of the essential:

Elena Ilina:  videoperformance “The Other Shore” , 10 minutes

The videowork shows a performance which the artist, dressed in a black dress of a vakhabit woman,  has carried out in the streets of Venice in October, 2010 during seven days while Biennial . It was recordered by 2 assistants of the bihind. The work was about the measuring oft he compatibility of two different views of women’s clothes, western and muslim  both based  nevertheless,  on the  concept, a woman should dress in a way, so that it is accepted by the society, in other words like all others.  It was important for the artist to observ  the formation of ambivalent pictures as well as  ambivalent and contradicting reactions of the passers-by, tourist and the locals.

Manuela Macco: Performance and video recording “Dress” 10 min

On the day of the opening Manuela Macco would show her performance “Dress”, later the performance will be demonstrated as a  video recording (30 min).  She performed it already in May, 2010 in studio Soldina, Berlin and July,  2010 in Vienna during the Biennieal. In her performance project “Dress” Manuela Macco wraps her naked body in a kind of dress made of newspapers  which she tears off in the slow motion tempo of the walls of the gallery, until her body transforms  into a misshapen paper heap, blind and faceless. With her performance the artist reflects the manipulating influence of the mass media on  the self-image of Italian woman.

Tatiana Fiodorova: Videoperformance “European Clothing” ,10 min

The performance which  has been performed and recordered in summer, 2010 in the streets and at the market of Chisinau, Moldavia, concerns the problems of the influence of the west-European culture on the East European life-style which is  often not reflected and remains only super ficial. A young woman goes through the streets of an East European town t to buy  some western clothes on the marke. This is the place where usually the most inhabitants of the town supplies itself  with cheap carried clothes from the West Europe or with their simulations from the third countries. She just manage  it financially to buy to herself a skirt and a T-shirt, maybe also a pair of shoes, but for the underwear remains to her neither money, even more mental space for considerations. Thus the population of the country uses the underwear of the old Soviet style, even if it tries to adapt itself externally to the western clothes style.  The artist  sees in this similarity to the whole influence of the western culture on her country.


13. Kunst- und Kulturfestival 17.-19.june, 2011, Berlin

A festival of the arts in one of Berlin’s most socially underprivileged areas with the theme of “Luxus“ (luxury) is obviously meant to provoke. For a while now, the value of art has been a matter of debate, especially when discussing the idea of guaranteeing that those working in the arts can make ends meet, as well as the discussion about whether Neukölln can remain a location for the arts scene. 48 Stunden Neukölln provides a forum to exchange ideas about these issues, to investigate other positions, and to give due attention to issues that concern people today.












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